Buy Amazon Choice Product Prestige Tattva Copper Bottle, 950ml, Reddish Brown


Amazon Choice Product Prestige Tattva Copper Bottle, 950ml, Reddish Brown



Product Features:

  • Silicone seal acting for leak proof
  • Easy to carry
  • Smooth and glossy surface.
  • Healthy
  • Color: Reddish Brown, Material: Copper
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Bottle (950ml)
  • Warranty: 15 days on product
  • Made of Pure Copper
Product Description:


A bottle that keeps you healthy. Introducing prestige tattva copper bottle, exquisitely designed to perfection with glossy finish. Made from pure copper, it promises the health benefits associated with copper and is a perfect solution for health conscious customer. Health benefits of using copper bottle for drinking water - enhances digestion, stops growth of harmful bacteria, helps boost immune system, enhances haemoglobin synthesis, strengthens bones and slows ageing. Customer reviews


sai krishna
29 March 2019
ORIGINAL product,comapre to all other branded copper bottles it is in top of the cluster,No doubt just go with this Product review
1.leakage proof(Tested just close the lid bit tight)
2.quality is good(washed with lemon and vinegar no colour variations)
3.pure copper except at inside leakage proof(since copper won't).
Definitely I recommend.


7 May 2019
I was worried after reading some negative reviews but after i received it, i am really happy about my purchase.
1-Its genuine copper,and design is awesome (possibly best in the market).
2- its leak proof (if you put cap nicely).
3- they have already mentioned in description that how we should wash it,and its easy to wash.
4- using copper bottle to store drinking water provides long term health benefits so definitely go for these (much better than plastic water bottles) and stay healthy.


Sachin P.
1 July 2019
Very good looking bottle, exactly like in product picture. Leakproof mechanism is good. Good if u travel frequently away from home. Though due to shape, its little difficult to clean, use pitambari powder to clean. It is comparatively very heavy than plastic bottles, so if u want to take it to office, i would recommend take a copper jug, use its water in plastic bottle to carry around. It will be less in weight, easy to clean. There is no insulation, so bottle will be hot or cold as per water put in it. Apart from this it is Overall good product, i like it.


Amazon Customer
4 June 2019
After reading negative comments about this product, I thought I have ordered a wrong item, but it was not so.

Excellent item! It’s exactly same as shown on the Amazon portal.


Ashutosh Mishra
23 June 2019
Feels premium. Unlike other copper bottles, the outer surface doesn't lose its shine easily. Cleaning it might be an issue if you don't have a bottle brush.
Otherwise, it is excellent, both in terms of durability and appearance!


Gaurav Kalra
27 April 2019
No logo of prestige on the bottle


14 August 2019
Just received the bottle today,with a simple on it..bad delivery its new but still it's shine is not that good,also had scratches on it


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ShalinIndia Traditional Copper Saucepan with Handle Capacity 900 ML


Product Features:
  • Copper sauce pan with brass handle
  • As copper is good conductor of heat, water / soup heats faster and more uniformly compared to other metals.
  • Long brass handle, a less good conductor of heat compared to copper ensures comfort and protection when the saucepan is heated.
  • Saucepan diameter 4.75 inches; height 3 inches, size with handle 5 Inches, Bottom 4.5 Inches and Debth 3 Inches
  • Volume 900 ML; Weight 350 Grams With Box 550 Grams

Product Description:

Get these trendy and in Vogue copper cookware for your kitchen, when you want to enjoy Indian food in traditional and ethnic way. Made in high quality copper, these cookware items are food safe. Besides, these kitchen utensils in copper consume much less energy while cooking as copper is a good conductor of heat. Food gets cooked faster and more uniformly. You often get frustrated with unevenness of cooking when you cook in other metals like iron or steel. Savour the rich taste of food with ShalinIndia handcrafted copperware.



Traditional Indian copper tableware for ethnic style dining experience

The food provides us with essential nutrients and minerals to carry out daily tasks effectively.  It not only gives our body required energy, but also fulfills our daily bodily requirements. Nothing is better than a day wining and dining with your friends. It gives you a good break from your work-holic routine and strengthens the bond which you share with your friends and family members.Sharing dinner table with your friends is a great way to taste some good food together and exchange thoughts.

You might have always thought upon throwing long lasting impressions on your friends by presenting them dinner in beautiful, absolutely stunning and gorgeous tableware items. But, you own outdated cutlery, which always make you unsuccessful. If you have been tired of serving delicious food, which you have made painstakingly in old cutlery and tableware items, then it is the time to give your dining table a newer look by purchasing antique tableware items.

India is a diverse country.  The rich heritage of the country can be easily measured from the miscellany of the cultures and traditions which we have in India. Though we have advanced and got modern today, but owning traditional and antique items always give our house a standout look.  In a similar way, purchasing traditional Indian copper tableware items can surely enhance your dining experience.  It will add a style statement to your dining table and also impresses your friends and family members.

Interior designers and decorators always recommend using ethnic items to improve the look and feel of your house. It is only only stylish, but also trendy.  Therefore, if the makeover is in your mind, then it makes sense to purchase traditional Indian copper tableware items.

There are a number of websites available on the Internet that deal with selling traditional Indian copper tableware items.  You can find a huge variety of copper tableware items including- Jug, Glass, Lota, Thali, Handi, Copper Salt and Pepper Shaker, Spoon and Knife Set, Desert Bowls, Pickle Serving Set, Donga, Katori’s, Drinking Glasses,Karahi, etc. Eating food in these ethic copper tableware items will definitely give you a taste of authentic India. Now, invite your friends and family members over a dinner, and dine in an authentic Indian style.

Though there are many websites available on the web that sell copper tableware items, but spend some time on getting assured about the reliability and authenticity of the website before you make a purchase. ShalinIndia is one such reputed and leading website that deals with authentic Indian items. Right from copper tableware items to home décor, jewelry and apparels, you can find it all here. The website is developed with an aim of giving customers a glimpse of the rich Indian tradition and culture. Shop with and get free delivery on all orders. Purchase authentic Indian items from the comfort of your house and they will be delivered right at your doorstep free of cost!Sounds too good to be true? Find out yourself!

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Happy International Women's Day

Mother, wife, sister, daughter, successful entrepreneur, talented professional, they’re all simply synonyms for the wonder that is a woman. A multi-task-er, a versatile worker, a persevering family member, a basket full of love and a million other words can be used to describe a woman. We value the importance and presence of the women in our lives everyday, however it is on this day we specially put in a little more to appreciate the splendor of Women. Women keep us grounded and close to the little things in life that matter, they instill in us the value of love, care and more importantly our tradition. It is with this love and tradition that Shalinindia has curated it’s products, offering an array of exclusive ethnic items inclusive of home decor, apparel, jewelry and much more. The one-stop-shop for Indian products, catering to people all over the globe, Shalinindia never lacks to deliver the true essence of India. A brand that incorporates the traditional into the modernity of our everyday lives, making homes and lives more colourful and beautiful one product at a time. They deliver as they promote, “traditional yet timeless.” On this Women’s Day, pamper the women in your life with the little things that will make them smile. What better to give the carrier of tradition, than a little something exhibiting tradition? 


  1. Pendants (Give it a personalized touch with the Initial Pendants!)


Because, well Jewelry. Some things never change and that definitely includes a woman’s love for jewelry. At any age, it is the way to a woman’s heart. Shalinindia brings a range of silver Pendants, in various designs including alphabets, intricate patterns and religious symbols!




  1. Skirts

“Oh, what pretty colours and fabrics!” Some words you’ll hear from every woman sometime or the other! So delve into those hues and tints of the collection of their ethnic skirts and take your pick. Warning: It might be a little hard to just choose one! :p



  1. Kurtas

Short, Long, Casual wear, office wear? Kurtas, is the answer! Comfortable, airy, chic yet ethnic and the best part is that they’re perfect for the receding winter/arriving summer!


  1. Anklets

They say the traditional ‘payal’ and the music created by the beads in it indicated the presence of the woman in the house, leaving a trace of where she was headed in the household. The anklet, of course is a contemporary take on the traditional ‘payal’, still marking the essence of a woman. Again, all made from silver.


  1. Summer Dresses

A dress is the solution to every wardrobe dilemma. Bright colours, dainty pastels, floral designs or block prints, Shalinindia has them all. Pick your favourite floral for the sunny summer days.


  1. Yoga Mats

Making sure everyone’s healthcare needs are met, women often forget to care about their won. Health is wealth. Add wealth into her life gifting her a yoga mat which is even appealing to the eye. Because who wants to look at those dull mats while doing the Suryanamaskar? The added benefit is that the pretty designs serves the dual purpose of using it as a rug!


  1. Sculptures

A display of the power that is the woman and the exuberance of her being, a sculpture embodies the divinity that is the woman.

Handicraft Islamic Religious Gifts Item - Holly Khanna Kaba with Quran

Giving gifts helps in building relationships, and giving a great gift to someone could include giving them something they need, something they want or something they would love. Muslim homes are generally decorated with religious handicrafts which could include paintings of mosques, crafts with Arabic calligraphy, Quranic verses, Holly Khana Kaba or Quran. The list might seem limited but when searching for an Islamic gift the choices are unlimited.  In order to help you choose handicrafts or Islamic religious gift items, we have created a list of some amazing Islamic gifts:

khana kabaa

Holly Khanna Kaba with Quran

If you are looking for an extremely valuable, decorative and religious gift for your friends and family then a replica art of holy Khana Kaba with Quran is your best option. Your loved ones can decorate their home with it and be in remembrance of Allah whenever they see it.

Holly Khanna Kaba/Quran Holder

If you don’t want to gift someone a replica of Holly Khanna Kaba you can also go for a Holly Khana Kaba Replica that can be used as a Quran holder as well. For example, if you want to see a perfect gift then visit Shalinindia using the link below and check the Holly Khanna Kaba with Quran.  When you open it, you will have converted it into a Quran with beautiful Quran holder.

Holly Masjid Nabvi

If you are looking for another Islamic gift apart and have already used your option of Holly Khana Kaba with Quran, then you can buy a replica of Holly Masjid Nabvi. Since, it’s every Muslim’s dream to visit Holly Khana Kaba and Holly Masjid Nabvi, gifting them a replica of Masjid Nabvi will make them extremely happy, and your gift will forever be cherished.

Paintings with Allah’s Names:

Allah has 99 names and majority of Muslim’s do want to remember it. If you are looking for a gift for someone who is religious and want to do the same then buying a painting or wall hanging with Allah’s names on it will be a perfect gift for them. They will remember you whenever they look at it, and you will also get ‘sawab’ (good deeds) whenever they recite the names.

An Aytal Kursi Pendant

We believe that aytal kursi has the power of protecting us. Which is why you might have seen different pendants with aytal kursi in the shops. If you visit an Islamic handicrafts shop you will find it their easily. So, why not protect your loved ones with an aytal kursi pendant that they can wear.

When you think of using handicrafts and Islamic religious gifts then you have unlimited options, ranging from replicas of beautiful mosques, calligraphy, wall hangings, Aytal Kursi pendants, Qul pendants and more. You will find Islamic writing’s engraved on plates that can be used as gifts, or you will see regular paint in calligraphy. The key point is just to look for something memorable and beautiful