Holy Quran Khana Kaaba - EID Mubarak Gift

Holy Quran Khana Kaaba - EID Mubarak Gift

Looking for an amazing gift to give to a friend who has just arrived from Umrah or Hajj? Or for giving of away as a memorable present for a new house? This Khana Kaaba case for the Holy Quran is an amazing gift. A gift that will be cherished by the receiver forever.

The case has been skillfully handcrafted by skilled artisans of India. Each corner of the case is a stunning replica of the Khana Kaaba in Makkah. The case is an astounding piece of art, that also has the arrangement to hold the Quran in between readings. There are hundreds of cases for the Holy Book, Quran, but only a few that actually capture the interest. This astonishing replica is one that holds the Quran beautifully, alla

If you are looking for an amazing and tremendous gift as an Eidi for your loved ones. This is a marvelous Eid Mubarak Gift that you could give to your loved ones and earn their respect and appreciation. The case is stunning replica of one of the most symbolic religious icon for Muslims and hence an object of veneration. It has been beautifully crafted with lots of reveren respect.

khana kaaba


  • Very skillfully handcrafted with deliberation and utmost care. The details are all very clear and vibrant, with each small curves and intricate details have been taken care of. The finishing and the final look of the case is amazingly mesmerizing and will make the person's brim up with emotions and respect.
  • Mostly cases contain a space in which you can keep the Holy Quran, but this enables you to place the Quran even in between readings and then simply resume reading from where you left. The beautiful case with an additional facility is a must have for every home.
  • The measurement of the case is 10.75"inches x 8.75" inches x 8.75"inches. It come with the Holy Quran inside it. The case is equipped with a reading tray to aid reading, and allow placement of the Holy Quran in between Salah or some other engagements. The total weight of the case along with the Holy Quran is 2.45 Kg. The size is suitable for placement anywhere, even on the prayer mat while praying.
  • The reading tray features allows you to place the Holy Quran near you while you are offering prayers. The reading tray allows you to recite the Quran as per your own convenience.
  • The finest of the material has been used. The whole of the case has been crafted with the finest of wood. Great care has been taken to make it a perfect piece of art. The inside of the box is lined with the softest and finest of the velvet, where the Quran is to be placed. Even the metal that has been used to build the clasp and the corners of the case is precious metal.

Make your purchase of the best Eid Mubarak gift that you can ever buy!

Traditional Indian copper tableware

Traditional Indian copper tableware

The food provides us with essential nutrients and minerals to carry out daily tasks effectively. It not only gives our body required energy, but also fulfills our daily bodily requirements. Nothing is better than a day wining and dining with your friends. It gives you a good break from your work-holic routine and strengthens the bond which you share with your friends and family members.Sharing dinner table with your friends is a great way to taste some good food together and exchange thoughts.

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