Traditional Yet Timeless

India is home to one of the oldest civilizations of the world. A melting pot of a myriad cultures that the land has accumulated over millennia, no other place is as diverse and rich with art and craft as is India. We at ShalinIndia strive to bridge the traditional and modern. Our products are meant for the modern consumer, however, bringing to the same consumer the traditional aesthetics that India has harbored and nurtured for such a long time.

Founders - Shalini Verma & Sanjay Kumar

‘We come from humble backgrounds from the state of Bihar in eastern India. We met, got married in 7 days & went abroad for work but left our hearts in India. We came back in the mid 90s to start a family and started Shalinindia towards the end of the 90s when internet was becoming accessible in Indian households.Through Shalinindia, we hope to contribute our bit to bring Made In India products to global customers. We have tried to build an integrated platform on which customers from across the world can shop for authentic Indian products with confidence. We strive to ensure that when customers shop for Shalinindia products, they feel the soul of India.